BIOS Overview for Intel® NUC

If prompted, check the Enable gaming features for this app to record gameplay box, this site and repeat step 5. To capture the contents of the entire screen, press PrtScrn by itself. To capture the contents of the currently active window, press Alt-PrtScrn (or Alt-Print Screen).

  • Various options are available to choose the file format of the screenshot, how the screenshot is captured, if sounds are played, etc.
  • The login screen displays a small icon and a modern background graphic, featuring a pleasant blue and green gradient.
  • Regardless, as long as you meet the hardware requirements, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free this Fall if you wish.
  • Due to Android smartphones and tablets having many manufacturers, the method for capturing a screenshot is not always the same.

In my experience, the update can take as little as 30 minutes and as much as two hours. In version 2004, most of the work occurs in the background, and the final stage, which occurs after a reboot, can take less than 10 minutes on modern hardware. That action downloads a very small installer file that runs a compatibility check and then, assuming the device passes all compatibility tests, begins the full upgrade.

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IDEs are essential tools for software development. Here is a list of the top IDEs for programming in 2022. Iris is a technical writer with a passion for new tech. Which way do you use the most to take a screenshot?

Here is how you access the BIOS settings screen if you are not given the opportunity to do so before Windows 10 starts loading. For most of us, and this is a fortunate happenstance to say the least, the BIOS settings on our personal computers are not something we ever have to see or deal with in a significant way. However, under certain circumstances, you may occasionally find yourself needing to access those configuration settings. Unfortunately, getting that access is not as intuitive as you might think it should be. Getting to the BIOS configuration settings on modern PCs running Microsoft Windows 10 is not an intuitive process. The system will automatically restart and boot into UEFI mode.

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BIOS is responsible for saving crucial data when you shutdown or reboot the computer. All such data, such as passwords, date, and time are moved to the CMOS for preservation. The CMOS battery then provides it with sufficient power to maintain that information.

What’s the Best Way to Get Windows 10 or 11?

A Windows Isn’t Activated, Activate Windows Now notification appears in settings. Keep in mind that this won’t work for Windows XP or Windows Vista, as these versions of Windows never qualified for the free Windows 10 upgrade. Unfortunately, the original free upgrade period to Windows 10 ended years ago, and the workaround to get Windows 10 for free with Assistive Technologies ended not long after that. No need to worry, though — there are still ways to get Microsoft’s latest operating system without paying for a new license or breaking any rules. When Windows 10 first arrived, nabbing a free upgrade was as simple as clicking the Get Windows 10 notification prompt.

We will discuss about the snipping which is pretty much similar to this method below. As we have mentioned above, there are also methods for taking the screenshot of the partial screen. You can just paste that Screenshot which get copied in the clipboard of your PC. We will discuss both types of method which involves the saving of file and also, which doesn’t involves saving of file. Besides, the screenshots taken by the key is default to be the whole screen.

These Windows 10 version numbers are of production releases of Windows 10. There were many issues with Windows 10 upgrades and the quality of upgrades. There are fewer hotfixes released in the latest versions of Windows 10. So Windows 10 quality is getting stabilized with new versions.